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Retail Partnerships

We partner with retailers who are ready to take substantive sustainability measures in their supply chains and give their customers a broader assortment of upcycled garments.

Are you a retailer with a sustainability mission?

Many retailers are on a journey to measure, report and improve the sustainability and transparency of their apparel sourcing supply chains. We currently work with retailers in the US and Canada who have seen tremendous sell through for vintage upcycled fashion.

If you’re looking to diversify your apparel supply chain with upcycled and ethically produced fashion, we think we can be a part of that solution.

returns management is a ceo level concern

got a returns problem?

You're in good company. It's an issue that affects virtually every retailer. But what if returns was an opportunity waiting to be seized?

We think it is. Our innovative recycling solutions address the issue head on. We can help you turn a pile of returns into a circular closed-loop happy story.

our team is experienced + creative

We know you will need both. Each member of our team brings crucial experience to the table. From specialized upcycling designers, production sewing operators, to supply chain strategists that know how to quantify and scale, we know first hand the issues you face because we've been there.

GOAT Vintage Double Tie Tee    Tees  - Vintage, Y2K and Upcycled Apparel

Circular fashion from landfill rescue

You don’t hear that everyday. But it is our firm belief that fashion doesn’t have to pollute or waste valuable resources. We’ve designed our sourcing, production and fulfillment to be sustainable and ethical from the ground up. As such, we can provide exclusive collections that are trend-focused, using recycled materials, eco-friendly production methods and a fully transparent local supply chain.

In turn, this allows you to tell a compelling story about sustainability to your customer.