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Here's a quick primer on the important facts about fashion waste. When you know, you know and it will change the way you look at fast fashion.

In the U.S. 21 billion pounds of fashion waste ends up in landfill every year.

Yes we said billion, with a "B".

It would take 12 years to recycle what the fast fashion industry creates in 48 hours.

That's why we don't use new fabrics.

It takes 1800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans.

That's like your daily water intake for 3600 days.

The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the world's industrial water waste.

Plastic straws aren't the only thing polluting our oceans.

Over 70% of the world’s population wears second hand clothes.

And you thought vintage was hipster.

Fashion is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry, yet 98% of garment workers don't make a living wage.

All GOAT employees make a living wage. Period.

if everyone bought just 1 item of clothing second hand instead of new this year, it would save:

204 million kgs of clothing waste (the weight of 1 million polar bears)

25 billion gallons of water (the equivalent of 1.25 billion showers)

5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emissions (the same as taking over 500,000 cars off our roads for 1 year)

Source: Green Story Inc & ThreadUP

Some more essential reading (source: re/make)

Do your part. be pickier about what you buy, thrift and buy vintage, swap with your friends, donate, upcycle at home, and support local brands in your community that are making a difference.