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Knowledge is power

We've compiled some of our favourite go-to organizations who are taking a stand for change in fashion. They inspire us to continue the journey we're on and hopefully they inspire you to be a part of that change.

Soak in the knowledge and know it will empower your purchase decisions.

Get Educated

Fashion Revolution is a global movement set out to conserve and restore the environment and to ensure every person working in the fashion industry earns a living wage and works in ethical conditions.

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Brands we can all admire, that have agreed to give 1% of their profits to the environment.

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Labour Behind the Label is a campaign that works on behalf of garment workers to petition for fair pay and safe working conditions across the industry.

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The True Cost is a documentary film about the human and the environmental costs of fast fashion. The website also includes exclusive interviews discussing the world of fashion.

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From extreme waste and environmental destruction to illegal wages and unsafe working conditions, the fashion industry’s focus on trendy, disposable clothing has staggering impacts on people and our planet. Remake is a community of millennial and Gen Z women who pledge to wear our values and put an end to fast fashion.

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remember to keep your fave brands accountable

Brands listen to their customers, that's you, so speak up and let them know what changes you want to see. You might be surprised at who's paying attention to this feedback.